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Antics Publications
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Riddle by Fiona Véronique / Fools Paradise, The Journal of Grievances. Vol.3. / 

Opening: October 13th, 2020


"What will remain if I only follow the paths of the refined?
Will my eyes be the chains stopping the soul from being fulfilled?
Could I look at the ordinary, the ignored and the uncanny?
I plunge my sight in the waters of grace and pain
that come with unexpected splendor.

I cry my eyes out at the beauty of ours."


Eyesore is a cross disciplinary project that explores the connection between artwork and site. The rotating gallery serves as a site specific showspace working with art projects by providing them location scouting, consultancy and hosting brief physical exhibitions that will later be displayed online at

Created as a side project by Antics Publications with the goal of further commitment to providing independent photographers of all experience levels, an engaging community and varying opportunities to showcase their work.