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Fool’s Paradise
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Matthew Shaw ︎︎

I was out walking when I noticed there was a colourful butterfly trapped in a small nook of a tree. Maybe it was born there, I’m not sure. I was trying to wrench it free when suddenly a crowd of people appeared to pull me away. Next think I woke up.

Guy Greenberg  ︎︎

One time I had a dream this week that I was taking the subway, that I was waiting for the subway. on a beach and I knowingly left my bag. my bag had my camera and rolls of film that i had taken. some that were unused. and i went to the bathroom. when i came back the bag was gone, the train had taken off. what does that mean. that i had knowingly left that bag.

Daniel Loveday  ︎︎

I had a dream that i had woken up from my sleep and found myself surrounded by what looked like terracotta soldiers. Then as I tried to move, I realized I’m trapped within one. Unable to move or speak, I just stood there..

Callum Royle ︎︎

A vague sense of angst washed over me. I hesitated, playing with the bread in my hands. I must have walked less than 20 metres before a car crept up alongside me. It reeked of fiendish simplicity, to follow and watch. The man in the car lent over the passenger's seat and wound down the window. He waved me over. I softly resisted. He sat for a moment, looking hurt and confused. Trying hard to control his inner fever, he then gave me his final gentle offering. I gingerly accepted. And so, I lowered myself into the car. He had a face I had seen a thousand times before.