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Fool’s Paradise
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Alexandre Silberman ︎︎

I do not see it, but I know it: I am on an island. On all sides there is nothing. Then suddenly in the distance traces appear in the water, traveling in my direction. I am immobilized on a portion of land, surrounded by the waves. I would like to flee but cannot. The land seems both vast and cramped, and the slightest step brings me to the edge of another coastline.

On the sandy shores suddenly emerge these maritime strangers, hunched over by the weight of their soaked clothes. One of them approaches, my heart races. He is in front of me. And he asks me the time.

Anne Eder  ︎︎

I have recurring nightmares that I am buried alive or that my teeth are falling out. Once a pangolin appeared and led me through the house of my mother and grandmother, Scylla and Charybdis, and showed me dark secrets under the floorboards We crept through the house, all the way up to the attic where we found the worst thing of all…