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Fool’s Paradise
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After Dusk

(19:00) Two nights ago, I dreamt that the building where I was with my family started falling down because of a sudden earthquake. I had to use the dining table to cover everyone from the debris falling from the ceiling. I tried my best. Once we got on the ground the dream restarted and I had to do it all again. (20:08) I looked back and could see the snake pulling people in the water…when I came up from the water my face was all torn up. (01:00) I lose consciousness. After a while I float over my body. First thought I have as a ghost: I need to tell my parents I’m dead, so they don’t worry about me.

(01:41) I promised that I would come and get them, but in the dream I can never see who it is and that wakes me. Because it is someone important to me and it feels like I’ve really, really left someone somewhere in a room or a stairwell or...(02:59) an office park. I was going to pick up my paycheck from my job. But I didn’t have this job, and I didn’t know about this office park. (03:17) A pangolin appeared and led me through the house of my mother and grandmother, Scylla and Charybdis, and showed me dark secrets under the floorboards... (04:00) to find the remnants of my sleepwalking, something that I’ve done most of my life.

(04:19) I remember the feeling, that of beyond polyphony. Like listening to several Mahler symphonies at the same time and being able to hear all of them. (04:27) I was in a forest that was somehow familiar to me. The moment I began to grasp where it was, the scene changed into another strangely familiar but ungraspable place. (04:29) I’d be walking in the woods and would approach a large space-craft. (04:34) I was standing with my mouth open looking at this phenomenon, blocked by some energy, standing helpless. (04:35) Only allowed to see in blurry or obscured vision. I don’t know why, but it’s always been unsettling to me. (04:42) Land seems both vast and cramped, and the slightest step brings me to the edge of another coastline.