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Fool’s Paradise
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After Dawn

(5:00) I could hear the earth speaking to me, I was in space at this big, blue, beautiful ball. (5:24) When I noticed there was a colourful butterfly trapped in a small nook of a tree. Maybe it was born there, I’m not sure. I was trying to wrench it free when suddenly a crowd of people appeared to pull me away. (5:45) I told my sister about it and she tried to persuade me to stay at a campsite with her, it had a 1940s theme. (8:08) The specifics change. I’m grounded, sometimes I’m floating. Sometimes it is in first person, sometimes in third. What is consistent about this dream is that I’m in a non-space and I’m consumed by a push and pull energy. (8:22) Surrounded by what looked like terracotta soldiers, then as I tried to move, I realized I was trapped within one. Unable to move or speak.

(10:30) My teeth turned into mushrooms and it was kinda scary. I could feel the softness of them, not the hardness of my teeth. (12:45) I went to the bathroom, when I came back the bag was gone, the train had taken off and I… (15:30) Imagine myself floating above, sort of looking down, and it feels very buzzy, heavy, like I’ve been swaddled, and it’s really comfortable. (18:13) A vague sense of angst washed over me. I hesitated, playing with the bread in my hands, I must have walked less than twenty meters before a car crept up alongside me. The man in the car lent over the passenger’s seat and wound down the window, he waved me over...and so, I lowered myself into the car. He had a face I had seen a thousand times before.

(07:00) I wake up tired and exhausted.
Sometimes my dreams are very, very vivid…
the psychic lady who read my palm told me so.
She said, “You go places at night.”