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Fool’s Paradise
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Ada Zielinska ︎︎

It's war and I am hiding in a ruined house. I lie on my stomach and I hear soldiers walking towards me. They shoot, I feel shots on my back, and then pleasant warmth in my guts. I lose consciousness. After a while I float over my body. First thought I have as a ghost: I need to tell my parents I am dead so they don’t worry about me.

Evan Perkins  ︎︎

I've had this recurring dream for the last decade or so. I'm only allowed to see in  blurry or obscured vision. I don't know why but it's always been unsettling to me. The tension of the dream  is automatically heighten and I wake up startled, grasping for my glasses making sure it has not translated into my conscious life as well. the sensation of things being just out of reach is what sticks with me the most.

Kristan Klimczak  ︎︎

I dreamt I was in a forest that was somehow familiar to me. The moment I began to grasp, where it was, the scene changed into another strangely familiar but ungraspable place. This lapse happened again and again until finally I woke up and had to use the washroom, which wasn’t where I remembered it to be.

Mikaela Martin ︎︎

There is a recurring dream I have where I have lost somebody in my life and I’ve promised that I come and get them but in the dream i can never see who it is and that wakes me because it is someone important to me and it feels like I've really really left someone somewhere in a room or a stairwell  or even a suitcase and i just can't see who they are so i can't find them.